About Us

” T H E   W O R L D ‘ S   L A R G E S T   I N F L A T A B L E   W A T E R   S L I D E “

Maxx Bounce Entertainment is based out of San Diego, CA. We are an amusement company that provides unique and top of the line attractions for special events in the West Coast. Maxx Bounce is a profit sharing company supplying the best inflatable’s in the nation including giant slides, obstacle course and massive bounce domes.

Our signature slide is The Worlds Largest Inflatable Water Slide @ 175ft long, 36ft tall and 47ft wide- By far the best portable attraction for any event. Our equipment is top rated and we provide expertise in the inflatable business with over 10 years of experience.


We bring the life to the party, giving everyone something NEW to look forward to and an incredible time.


Our Worlds Largest Inflatable Water Slide is made to attract and entertain thousand per day, unlike any other inflatable in the market, children or adults, the fun is for everyone as no one can resist the adrenaline to rush down the enormous slide. For massive events, this is the number one option, as everyone in attendance will be blown away and wont forget the memory of going down the Worlds Largest Inflatable Water Slide.

No event is too big or too small – from a couple hundred to tens of thousands, our equipment is the best out in the amusement industry. Our goal is to assist massive events to be as successful as possible by providing top notch service and the best and most unique attraction to blow everyone away. This year we will provide our own lineup of events, begining with the Port of San Diego 4th of July Festival on B Street Pier right under the Big Bay Boom fireworks show, voted one of the best in the nation. In the next year we will also develop the largest children’s festival in San Diego County with tons of entertainment and attractions featuring our twins – Largest Inflatable Water Slide In The World!.