The Worlds Largest Inflatable Water Slide x 2

Size: 175 ft long, 36 ft tall, 47 ft wide.

Our latest and greatest obstacle challenge mirrors the excitement of a real rollercoaster which is the featured ride at any amusement park. Experience the twisting turns, climbing the mountains and zipping down the other side. This ride is a SCREAM!

The Sabertooth slide is a proven hit in the inflatable industry. It has been voted to be one of the best slides on the market @ 35 ft tall, its a dual lane slide that will definitely give everyone an adrenaline rush even by just looking at it. Sabertooth is our largest dry slide and a perfect fit for any event entertaining adults and children.

No need for a bounce house – when you have a BOUNCE DOME. This inflatable is about 3-4 bounces houses in one and can have the whole family bouncing together. The Defender Dome is very open and spacious for lots of running and jumping; kids or adults are welcome on this inflatables to bounce away! Get your workout for the day with this one.

The monster appears, whirling and twisting above the unsuspecting patrons who will soon enter its vortex of winding excitement. Climb the twisting stairway to the center (eye) of the storm and find yourself sliding almost out of control back towards the safety of the earth. This 32 ft slide definitely has a very creative design and no doubt a fan favorite.

The challenge of surviving this 180-degree obstacle course is tough enough – now only one of you may survive the biggest, baddest obstacle in the industry — a life size T-Rex! The detail on this unit is characteristic of the realism our inflatables bring to the table.

Did I tell you about the one that got away? Ole got more than he bargained for while fishing on Lake Mille Lacs last week. It seems that a rogue 50’ Great White shark had worked its way up from the gulf through the river system and had Ole’s boat for breakfast. This slide gots the kids walking up slowly and sliding down almost running out to avoid those huge teeth.

Capturing America’s space accomplishments, this very realistic children’s play area lets kids experience space in all its glory. NASA provided photos of the International Space Station and NASA space walk photos line the walls and ceiling of this fantastic ride! Giant bounce area, dual climb and slides areas – wow!

Atlantis is a concept of the popular giant bouncer playlands. It features a giant dolphin to greet you, two large bounce areas, a giant slide, pop-up sharks and a huge treasure chest. Ringed by antique “stone” columns and extraordinarily beautiful digitally-printed underwater scenes, we have captured the wonderful mysteries of the sea.

Challenge the 52′ of squeeze plays, tackle dummies, tire runs and a final climb ending with a giant slide on this obstacle course. The experience will remind you of your football glory years. Great inflatable to keep everyone entertained with high energy to compete!

M O R E   C O M I N G   S O O N ! ! !